Save Money – As Easy As EasyTool

Do you like the sound of saving money?

You’d be crazy to say no with current economic climate of the UK in a state of recession!

Saving money is important to us all but sometimes it becomes a much harder task than it seems. It is not always as simple as cutting back on luxuries and going out less over the weekend.

Well fortunately at EasyTool we know a few ways you can save which shouldn’t really affect your day to day life.

Here are our top five.

Buy Fuel In The Morning

Not many people know that fuel actually expands with heat, and if you buy fuel which has expanded then a litre which comes out the pump will not actually be a full litre. Therefore to avoid such problems fill your tank up in the morning when the petrol or diesel is at its coolest.

ford-fiesta_lDrive Used Over New

Used cars are a lot cheaper to buy than new ones and don’t depreciate nearly as quickly. Moreover, they are a lot cheaper to insure so your best bet is to opt for a used Ford Fiesta over a brand new Ford Mondeo.

Compare MOT and Service Prices

Have you ever wondered whether you are paying too much when that time of year comes around to take your car for a service and MOT? Well if you’re someone who accepts the first price quoted from the nearest garage then maybe it is time you paid a visit. Their MOT centre comparison service allows you to find the cheapest prices for your car in your area.

Go Electric

If you really want to save money, then buy an electric vehicle and you’ll never have to visit the petrol station again! You will pay a little more initially but make your money back and plenty more in no time, particularly if you’re a high mileage driver.

mitsubishi-i-miev_lThink About Emissions

What type of vehicle do you own? If it is a petrol-thirsty 4×4 with high emissions then you know that every year you’ll be paying a sizeable sum in road tax. Vehicles are becoming more environmentally friendly every year so grab yourself a green one!