How to Lease a Car!

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These days there is no excuse for getting a bad deal on a car. The internet has forced dealers into being transparent, and gives the consumer power in that they can have access to deals across the country. So the first thing that you have to do is accept that the best way to lease a car, is to take a little bit of time to do some research and make sure you understand exactly, the contractual agreement you are entering into. Thankfully this is easily do, in my case all I did was search Citroen C3 contract hire and the first result gave me numerous options and lease deals to choose from.

If you are new to the idea of leasing a car, essentially it gives you the chance to drive a brand new car every couple of years. Obviously new cars are a pretty expensive purchase for a lot of people, and the fact that the resale value drops so rapidly puts a lot of people off. However there are so many benefits to driving a new car, mainly everything works! Then obviously there is the luxury of having up to date tech etc, and you shouldn’t have to worry about huge service bills. Obviously there is a cost involved, take my example again, on an Citroen C3 personal car lease, there was a pretty big margin for prices.

The Citroen C3 deal I got worked out at 35 payments of £121.47 after an initial payment of the best part of £2000. Obviously the £2000 was a hit, but I had saved enough money over the course of the year for a car so I could cover that and had some left over to go towards the monthly payments. So now I have a new 1.2 PureTech 82 Feel 5dr £121.47 a month! To me that seems incredible, and until I researched it I would have thought it impossible for me to afford to drive a car like that. The only thing I would warn is make sure you are looking at the personal deals, at first I was browsing Citroen C3 business car lease deals, and they are a fair bit cheaper than the personal ones, so I was a little disappointed when I realised I wasn’t eligible for those deals.

Nevertheless my personal contract hire Citroen C3 is more than affordable and I am loving it. So literally all you need to do is a bit of research on a comparison site and make sure you are clear on the terms of the contract.

Fiat Cinquecento: The great underdog

Posted November 9th, 2015 by admin

I bought a Fiat Cinquecento from 1998 a couple of years ago for my daughter’s first car. If I’m honest I did buy it intending it to be a joke; she was asking for Audis or a Fiat 500 motor for her birthday so I thought I’d bring her crashing back down to earth, and let here drive around in a banger for a year before getting her a nice car. She is a good sport so she acted delighted when she saw it though I knew deep down she will have been cursing me. However, after a month, I think we were both shocked by the Cinquecento. The little 1.1 litres looks were deceiving, Charlotte could fit four of her mates in quite comfortably, and they all seem to love it, claiming it is the cutest car on the road.


Furthermore it was proper fun to drive! She did a stint of travelling for 3 months 3 years ago, I thought as it was such an old car I should take it on a trip at least every couple of days to make sure it didn’t all cease up through lack of use, and I actually used to look forward to it. It felt like a little go kart. Despite the fact that the car was only a 1.1 litre, because it was so lightweight and small it felt very nippy, I hadn’t enjoyed driving so much in years of owning nicer more upmarket vehicles. The second hand Fiat Cinquecento cost me less than one thousand pounds, it was worth every penny and we/she has got much more out of it than I could ever have imagined. I thought I would probably have to start thinking about replacing it after 6 months yet 2 and a half years down the line it is still going strong, and hasn’t showed any signs that it is on its way out. If I can I’ll keep it in the family for my younger son who will start his driving lessons next year.

Should You Lease

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Have you ever considered taking out a lease deal for your next vehicle? The leasing and contract hire industry is constantly growing in the UK but there is still an overwhelming majority of British motorists who couldn’t tell you the first thing about it. I currently drive a contract hire Ford C-Max, as I have done for the last 22 months, so I can speak with a relative level of experience. However I must admit that this is my first lease and I was guilty of a lot of ignorance towards the whole process before I got the C-Max!


Today I’m going to outline a few of the key advantages which you can benefit from by taking out a lease.

New is nice – one of the main reasons that a lot of people prefer to lease a vehicle than buy one is that it enables you to drive a brand new car, and one that you probably couldn’t afford to buy outright. In the short term it may be even more financially viable than buying a used car. For example, the down payment on a BMW X1 leasing deal would be far less than buying a used Vauxhall Antara.

Monthly is manageable – the other most appealing aspect of a contract hire car is that you pay monthly. Paying monthly rather than in full up front allows you to treat your car like you would any other bill – just think of it as paying the gas or the electric. It’s an especially favourable option for young people in most cases, as they generally won’t have a lot of cash in the bank but might be starting graduate jobs which will enable them to comfortably cover the monthly payments.

No MOT and no road tax – this is one of the smaller perks but nevertheless a nice one to benefit from. Road tax is always included in the monthly price of a lease deal which, depending on the levels of CO2 emitted by your vehicle, can save you a fair few hundred pounds a year. With regards to an annual MOT test, this is only required for vehicles which are more than three years old. As you are driving a new vehicle and contract hire periods very rarely last for longer than 36 months you’ll never need to pay for an MOT test.

Fuel – new cars are generally more economical than older ones so you should save at the petrol station. A contract hire Audi A5 Coupe should use less fuel than an A5 which is 10 years old.

Can You Afford A New Car

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Can you afford a brand new vehicle? Here are a few Easy Tools that will help.

Twenty or thirty years ago the majority of people in the UK would have answered yes to this question, but today an overwhelming number of British residents wouldn’t even consider buying a brand new car. Because of the rapid advancements in automotive technology and the high standards to which cars are designed and tested these days, they cost considerably more to buy brand new than they would have a few decades ago. To put prices into perspective you can buy a used Ferrari F430 for as little as £30,000 and pay more than this for a new Volkswagen Golf!

As a result of the way in which new car prices have risen, many people now look at other options such as leasing. Leasing enables you to own a brand new vehicle without a huge cost up front. You will have a fixed term, usually a period of around 3 years, in which to make monthly payments and at the end of the term there will be an option to either pay the difference and purchase the car outright or start a new lease with a brand new car and continue with your monthly payments.

Paying for a new car in this way usually represents a far more affordable option for the majority of motorists. For example BMW 6 Series Convertible leasing deals start at around £500 a month, whereas you’d be looking at anything between £50,000 and £75,000 to buy a new one.

For similar reasons, the used car market has grown enormously and is now the first port of call for most people looking to get themselves a motor. Vehicles depreciate quickest in their first years, so as soon as you buy a new car you’re losing money at an alarming rate. Take a family car such as the C6 – you will be looking at between £30,000 and £40,000 for a new one, whereas a used Citroen C6 in good condition and only a few years old could cost you well under £10,000. When it comes to these kind of savings the decision is a simple one for many drivers.citroen-c6

Additionally, buying a used car allows you to look at a broader range of vehicles and effectively get yourself a better one – even a city car such as the Toyota Aygo will cost around £10,000 to buy new. For the same price you could buy a used Alfa Romeo Mito or a second hand Lexus CT. Providing you don’t have your heart set on the comforts of a brand new model you’ll have far more vehicles in your price range.

Small Cars

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Welcome to the Easy Tool feature on small cars! Small cars are becoming more popular and more common in many countries across the world every year, including the UK. There are numerous factors contributing to this – firstly, they take up less space when parking and are easier to manoeuver. For example, someone living in London looking to purchase a vehicle would find life a lot easier buying a smaller one. Something like a used Hyundai i20 or a second hand Ford Ka would be a lot easier to find a space for along the capital city’s busy streets.


Fuel economy is another factor which comes under careful consideration for most people when selecting a vehicle, and small cars usually boast more attractive figures. If you were looking at premium hatchbacks for example you’d probably find that there wasn’t a great deal of difference between the Audi range in terms of interior features and aesthetics, but a second hand Audi A1 would use significantly less fuel than an A6.

Thirdly, the age range of UK drivers certainly has a correlation with the number of small cars on the road. More young people are taking their practical tests every year, and the vast majority of them are looking for something affordable and easy to drive. A second hand Hyundai i10 or a used Alfa Romeo Mito would appeal far more to a recently passed driver than a large estate or saloon car such as a Ford Mondeo.

Moreover, manufacturers are continually focusing more efforts on developing vehicles which can be mass marketed and attract the widest audience possible. A decade or two ago the vast majority of luxury cars would have been classed as large ones, but now even premium manufacturers like BMW are venturing into the small car market. A second hand BMW 2 Series is a more economically viable option than a traditional 3 Series or 5 Series.

Save On Spares

Posted September 12th, 2013 by admin

If you’ve ever been in an accident on the road, needed some work done to your car or woke up in the morning to find that some yobs have damaged it, then you’ll know that it can put a serious dent in your wallet.

Whether you need a new fan belt for your Skoda Fabia or new brake lights for your Land Rover Defender, it can be tough to know how to get the best deal on the part that you require.

Here are a few steps that you can follow which should help you to get the best deal.


Ask Around
If you have been told by a mechanic that you need a replacement part for your vehicle, take it to a few other garages to get second and third opinions. You may have been incorrectly informed, or come to realise that a simple repair would be more cost effective.


Try Online
An easy way to ensure that you get the cheapest price for the part that you need is to shop online. For example, if you are looking for a new head gasket you can enter your details at a site such as and submit a request. Your information is sent to hundreds of brokers who come back with quotes – it’s a simple method for quickly determining where you can get the best deal.

Beware of Car Modifications

Posted April 1st, 2013 by admin

Are you someone that likes everything you own to be unique, personalised and have its own sense of style? Well if so you could be at greater risk of injury or even death if involved in a car accident, furthermore cars with mods on them aren’t exactly quick sale cars meaning they could be hard to shift when you do eventually come to sell.

This may sound a little preposterous, but new research has shown that vehicles with personalisation as minimal as a sticker in the back window are up to 80% more likely to be involved in a crash than their sticker-less counterparts.

hello-kitty-window-decalThe report, from the Liverpool Insurance Establishment (LIE), also shows that cars with an Ichthus  fish are involved in up to 74% more accidents; if you have a Hello Kitty sticker looking out the back window you are a whopping 300% more likely to have an incident which results in serious injury or death.

Moreover, between 2001 and 2012, eleven drivers were decapitated by improperly secured nodding dogs flying forwards in the event of a crash and hitting them on the back of the head.

draft_lens2307683module12793873photo_1227804845nodding_dogs_in_carNext time you take your car for an MOT or service you might want to think about asking them to peel away any crash-hungry stickers on your back window.

LIE president Gerald Gummydrops had this to say about the findings: “Anybody who chooses to personalise their car with back window stickers really is cruising for a bruising quite literally. The facts are there, now it is time for people to do the right thing, take action and remove all stickers.”

renault-clio-campus-f21e6Another mystifying fact which the president failed to mention in his press conference was that 56 plate Renault Clio cars were seven times more likely to veer off the road and be sent spinning into the Thames. Keep speed to a minimum if you own such a vehicle.


Yes, as you might have guessed, this was first published on the 1st April 2013.

Save Money – As Easy As EasyTool

Posted February 3rd, 2013 by admin

Do you like the sound of saving money?

You’d be crazy to say no with current economic climate of the UK in a state of recession!

Saving money is important to us all but sometimes it becomes a much harder task than it seems. It is not always as simple as cutting back on luxuries and going out less over the weekend.

Well fortunately at EasyTool we know a few ways you can save which shouldn’t really affect your day to day life.

Here are our top five.


Buy Fuel In The Morning

Not many people know that fuel actually expands with heat, and if you buy fuel which has expanded then a litre which comes out the pump will not actually be a full litre. Therefore to avoid such problems fill your tank up in the morning when the petrol or diesel is at its coolest.


ford-fiesta_lDrive Used Over New

Used cars are a lot cheaper to buy than new ones and don’t depreciate nearly as quickly. Moreover, they are a lot cheaper to insure so your best bet is to opt for a used Ford Fiesta over a brand new Ford Mondeo.


Compare MOT and Service Prices

Have you ever wondered whether you are paying too much when that time of year comes around to take your car for a service and MOT? Well if you’re someone who accepts the first price quoted from the nearest garage then maybe it is time you paid a visit. Their MOT centre comparison service allows you to find the cheapest prices for your car in your area.


Go Electric

If you really want to save money, then buy an electric vehicle and you’ll never have to visit the petrol station again! You will pay a little more initially but make your money back and plenty more in no time, particularly if you’re a high mileage driver.


mitsubishi-i-miev_lThink About Emissions

What type of vehicle do you own? If it is a petrol-thirsty 4×4 with high emissions then you know that every year you’ll be paying a sizeable sum in road tax. Vehicles are becoming more environmentally friendly every year so grab yourself a green one!