Small Cars

Welcome to the Easy Tool feature on small cars! Small cars are becoming more popular and more common in many countries across the world every year, including the UK. There are numerous factors contributing to this – firstly, they take up less space when parking and are easier to manoeuver. For example, someone living in London looking to purchase a vehicle would find life a lot easier buying a smaller one. Something like a used Hyundai i20 or a second hand Ford Ka would be a lot easier to find a space for along the capital city’s busy streets.


Fuel economy is another factor which comes under careful consideration for most people when selecting a vehicle, and small cars usually boast more attractive figures. If you were looking at premium hatchbacks for example you’d probably find that there wasn’t a great deal of difference between the Audi range in terms of interior features and aesthetics, but a second hand Audi A1 would use significantly less fuel than an A6.

Thirdly, the age range of UK drivers certainly has a correlation with the number of small cars on the road. More young people are taking their practical tests every year, and the vast majority of them are looking for something affordable and easy to drive. A second hand Hyundai i10 or a used Alfa Romeo Mito would appeal far more to a recently passed driver than a large estate or saloon car such as a Ford Mondeo.

Moreover, manufacturers are continually focusing more efforts on developing vehicles which can be mass marketed and attract the widest audience possible. A decade or two ago the vast majority of luxury cars would have been classed as large ones, but now even premium manufacturers like BMW are venturing into the small car market. A second hand BMW 2 Series is a more economically viable option than a traditional 3 Series or 5 Series.